This was the first time I decided to take part in the JS13k game jam. I was only 12 at the time, having just learned to code and it definitely shows.

The Coder's Game


My second time entering JS13k games I had much more experience programming games. The Coder's Game is a large improvement with procedural level design and much improved graphics.

Browser 404


My third entry to JS13k games I decided to enlist the help of a few of my close friends. Browser 404 is a puzzle game where your objective is to find the correct URL, it is personally one of my favourite entries, I only wish we had done more puzzles!

Keep Your Space!


For my fourth entry to JS13k games I once again decided to work with my friends, this game featured music for the first time and some of the coolest looking graphics of all my entries. Unfourtunately, crazy amounts of lag due to an obscene amount of canvas elements and running out of time handicaped this game's potential.

Labyrinth of Death


My most recent entry to JS13k games is by far the most complete game to-date. Labyrinth of death features music, character customization, pathfinding, and some of the best looking graphics yet with an improved rendering system allowing for high framerates. The only thing I feel could have been improved is the combat mechanics.