Addison Craik

Addison Craik

-Addison Craik-

A creative 14yr Old Striving To Make The World A Better Place

About Addison

Addison born in British Columbia Canada has always had an interest in technology with him learning to program in HTML at the age of 9 and entering his first game jam at the age of 11 since then he has vastly improved his programming skills learning CSS, JavaScript, and Python and hopes to learn C# in the near future. Addison has developed several games, websites, and game jams and has also created several 3d models in Blender.

Addison has always had big dreams with him and his friends creating a non-official computer company in grade 6 and further developing the idea until grade 8, however he has never really dropped the idea of starting a computer company. He also aspires to create a language learning application and YouTube channel oriented towards teaching people to code called The Coding Geek. He is also obsessed with space and aspires to work for SpaceX one day. Still at the age of 14 he has a lot of interesting decisions to make in the future.


Here is some of my work:


After creating my first html project I immidiatly wanted to create games so I found a great youtube channel named Gamekedo and followed his tutorial on pong. After following the tutorial, I added a few touches and it became my first (and last) fully completed game.


Castaway was my first real game, which I made for the game jam (game making competition) 2017 Js13k Games looking back it isn't that good of a game however it was my first adventure into game jams and spawned a whirlwind of future games.


Pixelcraft was my first game after Castaway I tried to go for a Terraria like game and with a little help from my grandfather I was able to get caves along with a moving character and building/placing. Sadley I lost the motivation to work on this project and haven't touched it for years.


Between Pixelcraft and Js13k2018 there were many games however this one stands out as it is the first time I made a game with my friend and is one of the few games I have actually completed.

Fractal Trees

After watching countless Coding Train YouTube videos I was inspired to make my own fractal tree generator along with some other cool projects. However, this is the only one I put some extra time into to make it have more possible trees. I then submitted it to the PROCJAM.

The Coder's Game

This was my submition for the 2018 Js13k Games game jam after my previous entry I was determined to submit an even better game this year. And after the initial setback of breaking my leg I was able to use the huge amount of time laying in a hospital bed to my advantage, creating in my opinion my best game to date.

CSS Deathstar II

This was one of the multiple projects inspired by a DevTips YouTube Video on creating an illustration made solely using css and html. After countless hours I acheived this awesome final product. I didn't animate it but in my opinion it still turned out great!

International Combat

International Combat is a joined effort between my friends and I, we are aiming for a mortal kombat style game where each character is from a different country and practices that country's respective form of combat. So far we have created the menus and are working on the core aspect of the game.

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