The Coder


Hi my name is Addison and I am a Programer and an amateur Pixel-Artist. I am in a family of five! I live in British-Colombia Canada. My mom is owner of Java-hat-solutions and my dad is co-owner of Key-Business-Solutions. I am co-owner of and Macro as well.

~~~My specialities~~~

As of right now I only program Javascript, HTML, CSS and do a bit of Pixel-art.

~~~My Games~~~

I do not have much of a portfolio seen as I am still very young but I do have a few of games. Pixelcraft, Dodge and Pong. I also made a game for js13kgames a really cool Javascript Game Jam that can be found on

~~~Other Cool Programmers~~~

As you probably know I am not the only programmer out there here is a little list of other cool programmers:

  • Bilge Kaan
  • Raining Chain
  • Java-hat-solutions
  • Foumartgames
  • Andrzej Mazur
  • Jupiter Hadley
  • Online tutorials
  • ~~~Cool Code~~~

    There are a lot of cool bits of code that make your website just that much better in fact I have many it this website right here! So here are bits of code that I like using to make things look, feel and work better.

    1. HTML Animations
    2. HTML Pulsing background
    3. HTML :hover
    4. JS randomizer(simple)